Fresh Prince Reunion


Nolan Brown, Sports Editor

One of NBC’s most wildly successful series, and a staple of pop culture, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ is slated for a special reunion episode set to air on Thursday, November 19th. One of the most intriguing story lines comes from now renowned superstar Will Smith and his former costar Janet Hubert. Originally airing in 1990 and an eventual end in 1996, ‘Fresh Prince’ was Smith’s first major appearance, and grappling with his newfound power, a struggle arose between the two, so great that Hubert cited their discrepancies as “partly responsible” her removal. No strangers to contention, the two have had their fair share of public struggles, at one point Hubert even referring to Smith as a “snotty nosed punk…” Despite a troubled past however, the reunion ┬áprovided a chance at reconciliation, and upon their first meeting in nearly three decades, Smith emotionally addressed Hubert, welcoming her as “Aunt Viv”. Also including a heartfelt tribute to the late James Avery (Uncle Phil) the reunion will be packed full of extra footage, behind the scenes, and special moments from the beloved show. The special will be available November 19th as an HBO Max exclusive.