Easy Christmas Ideas

Maddy Couch, Writer

Although Christmas can be fun, the most difficult part fits all is coming up with those good gift ideas, especially under a budget. Here are some easy Christmas gift ideas for family and friends. The first one is simple, some fuzzy blankets and fuzzy are a girl’s best friend doing winter. You can find a lot of good socks and blankets at Walmart, Target also offers some boxes of different themed calendar socks. Gift cards are always a go-to for both girls and boys, just depends on what places they enjoy the most or go to often. T-shirts especially graphic ones are best for girls and boys, stuff like they’re favorite artists or bands, even just the fun dad shirts are the best, everyone loves a good t-shirt. Perfume or cologne is a good idea along with lotions, body washes/scrubs, candles, any kind of scented items. Sweatshirts, pjs sets, clothing from any cheap store would be great. If you know their favorite snacks and or drinks you could easily get them a cute basket filled with their favorites. A collage of your favorite memories would be something meaningful, making a video of all your favorite videos and images together, it would be easy and meaningful. Just remember that it’s not the price that matters, but the thought behind it. Christmas is not all about presents either, it’s about spending time with family, friends, those who you love and care for.