President Trump’s Second Impeachment


Emma Becraft, Writer

Former president, Donald J Trump, is being impeached for the second time during his 1 term presidency. If you are not fully aware, an impeachment according to is “a fundamental component of the constitutional system of “checks and balances”.” It is the act of thoroughly investigating an official of the federal government after taking office.

     Almost exactly a year ago, Donald Trump went through the impeachment process for the first time. The former president was facing charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The verdict eventually came out not guilty as about ⅔ of the senators present did not agree with President Trump’s allegations.

     As of January 6, the former president was once again put under impeachment from the senate. Normally, if a president were to step down for the presidency after they lost the election meaning they cannot serve for a second term, impeachment would not be necessary. The difference with this case is that President Trump was not willing to peacefully step down, so the impeachment continues. This time the basis of the impeachment is on incitement on insurrection. The Merriam-webster definition of incitement of insurrection is the instigation of an act or a revolt against civil authority or an established government. The incitement being referred to in this instance is the storming of the U.S capitol building after Joe Biden was announced the next president on January 5th. 

     As of right now, a date has not been set for the vote on whether or not to convict President Trump. When results come out a WHS article won’t be far behind as a way to keep the student body informed. If you’re curious about pursuing this subject further, please refer to the following articles.