Georgia Lawsuit Denied


Nolan Brown, Sports Editor

After a tumultuous year in politics, another election related lawsuit was dismissed by the Supreme Court today. Originally filed on December 11 of last year, attorney L. Lin Wood introduced the case to the lower courts of the Eleventh Circuit. Seeking to halt the then-to-be runoff election for Georgia’s state senators, Wood claimed that November results were unlawful, “violating” a set of state laws. Due to the unexpected and uncontrollable flare of the Covid-19 pandemic. Absentee ballots became a widespread form of voting for at risk and worried citizens. Among this development grew concerns of serious voter fraud that were largely baseless. Once the democratic wins of Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock were confirmed, suspicions were only elevated. Fueled by the refusal of GOP candidates like Kelly Loeffler to accept defeat, trials commenced and made haste to the Supreme Court. Upon Court hearings however, Wood’s prosecution was quickly rejected “without comment” given an argument that was simply “too speculative.” While nationwide litigation remains prevalent, Wood’s case proved as yet another unsuccessful attempt against democracy.