Driving Into the Season


Nolan Brown, Sports Editor

Through a year delayed and prolonged by the unexpected spread of Covid-19, the Whitewater men’s lacrosse team has chugged forward. Coming off of a promising season cut short by the pandemic, hopes and expectations were high entering the new year. Junior Robby Donaldson spoke of these experiences “Lacrosse this year has been a little difference since we have to record our temperatures and fill out the Covid form before practice and games. Other than the social distancing, we hope to keep the same effort that we did last year. Coach Bryant became our coach last year and we put up the best record in whitewater lacrosse history. With the season cut short last year we have some unfinished business.” Led by Coach Bryant (head coach) Coach Reed (offensive coordinator) and Coach Gibson (defensive coordinator) the cats have certainly come out strong. Ranking 21st throughout the state of Georgia, this year can prove to be one for the books.