Georgia Covid-19 Vaccine


Maddy Couch, Writer

This month March 2021 the Covid-19 vaccine is ready for teachers and staff in Georgia. Teachers and staff across the state are getting ready for their vaccine. Gov. Brian Kemp made the announcement last week that they would now be eligible, along with any adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their caregivers, and parents of children with complex medical conditions that may cause them to be at a higher risk for Covid-19. Although teachers and staff are eligible only for those at schools of Pre-K and K-12, DECAl licensed or expert childcare programs are also eligible at this time, this is not including those who are teachers and staff at colleges and universities. Kemp explains the need for children to have that face-to-face interaction when it comes to learning, to ensure that this effective March 8, Pre-K, K through 12, public and private school teachers, staff, and the Department of Early Care Learning educators are now eligible for this Covid-19 vaccine. As of right now, there is a confirmation of 83,000 doses according to a representative from Kemp’s office. If you are not included in any of these categories you can register at the Georgia Department of Public Health’s MyVaccineGeorgia website for updates on the eligibility for the vaccine