MLB’s First Woman GM


Nolan Brown, Sports Editor

After a long career in baseball dating all the way back to 1990, Kim Ng (pronounced Ang) became the first female general manager in the history of Major League Baseball. Initially appointed to the position by the Miami Marlins back in November of last year, Ng has begun her venture with spring training in the past weeks. Starting out 6-2 in the preseason, the future looks bright for Ng and her developing team. It’s no debate that she has earned her spot either, serving within various clubs such as the Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and even within the commissioner’s office. Her resume is stacked with experience and exemplified by a winning spirit. Unsurprisingly though, she faced an array of challenges and discrimination along the way, in which she “suspects” that she missed out on opportunities due to her gender. Ng remained resilient, “I just never saw it as there was any other choice” she told the Today Show. Paving the way for women in the future, Ng showed optimism that “hopefully [she] won’t be the last.” And she certainly won’t be.