JV Boys Lacrosse Team — Against McIntosh

Landen Baynard, Editor-In-Chief

Starting their game at 5:30, the JV Boys Lacrosse team kills McIntosh with a whopping 9-3.

#15, Gavin Owen makes the first score for Whitewater!

#27, Ben Smith makes Whitewater’s second score, assisted by #21 Nate Carcia

#21 Nate Garcia makes the third goal for WHitewater High School.

Ben Smith, #27, makes ANOTHER goal for the JV Boys!

#11, Evan Crawford, makes his first score, bringing the game to 5-2, Whitewater’s lead.

#11, Evan Crawford, brings in his SECOND goal for this game!

Evan Crawford, #11, buttered the biscuit and put it right in the basket! He makes his THIRD goal of the game at the top of the fourth quarter!

#48, Wyatt Zidar, makes his first score by skimming the corner!

The JV Boys Lacrosse Team sweeps McIntosh off of their feet, winning with 9-3!