Boys Varsity Lacrosse Team Lose to the McIntosh Chiefs.

Landen Baynard, Editor-In-Chief

Starting their game at 7:00 PM, the JV Boys Lacrosse team succumb to the McIntosh Chiefs, 5-8. Here are some highlights from the game:

#22, Grant Owens, makes Whitewater’s first goal!

#5, Kaden Rustick follows short after Owens and makes the 2nd goal for WHS!

Coming in for his 2nd goal of the game, Grant Owen, #22, scores on the Chiefs!

Kaden Rustick, #5, put it up top where mom puts the good cookies- FUDGE STRIPES!! He makes the team’s 4th goal!

Grant Owen, #22, makes his third goal for this game against the Chiefs!

A huge shoutout to the Varsity Boys for playing well tonight. Better luck next time, boys.