GHP Student Body


Nolan Brown, Sports Editor

Following a trend of success within the Whitewater community, students have been applying for, and rapidly advancing through the Governor’s Honor Program. Acknowledging the intelligence and determination of students, the GHP is a nod towards the best that Georgia has to offer. Grace DesLaurier reflected on her experiences, “After being nominated by Mr.Moore, the first round was regionals. I was put in a zoom with other students within Fayette County and we had a socratic seminar and a Model UN debate as well. This was very eye-opening to me and was also a great opportunity to apply my social studies skills I have learned into more real world situations. After that I went to state, and did a similar type socratic seminar with kids from all around Georgia. Overall, GHP and the process has increased my communication skills, exposed me to real world experiences, and strengthened my passion for social studies.” We wish the best of luck to all our Cats finding their way through this rigorous program.