Zack Snyder’s Justice League


Nolan Brown, Sports Editor

For comic book fanatics and theatrical critics alike, Josh Whedon’s 2017 Justice League was painstakingly underwhelming. In a movement that quickly took flight, the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut flooded all aspects of the entertainment world. The fan based drive proved successful, gaining support from cast members like Ben Affleck, (Batman) Gal Gadot, (Wonder Woman) and Jason Mamoa (Aquaman) alike. Once the desire was made clear, WarnerMedia once again took the reigns, and in July of 2020 released a teaser for the upcoming film. Zack Snyder, the movie’s original director, stepped forth to release a new version of the film, with an added two hours of footage (four in total) and a R rating compared to the previous PG-13. After a draining and deeply wrenching year in 2017, Snyder was dealing with the suicide of his daughter, and expressed his family demands. “I just was kinda done with it” Snyder explained to the Los Angeles Times. With a newfound rejuvenation, Snyder hopes to bring back the DC universe in full affect, and so far, it’s seemed to work. Released March 18th as an HBO Max exclusive, fans have shown a fervent appraisal for the remastered rendition. The film will be available on HBO Max until April 18th, and in select theatres.