Makayla Childs, Writer

Wrestling is a school sport in which you have to try your best to pin your opponent down. We have two coaches; coach Cloud and coach Smith, but coach Smith is planning to retire this year. We have 14 weight classes all of them are filled out. We have two teams which are JV and varsity team we also have a Placer at State in 2009, where we won. One of the coaches stated that “we didn’t really get first place for everything, we got second place but before we got first at the area sectional, we got second at the area this year.” We have a tournament every year for JV called the Wildcat brawl and it’s a pretty big tournament usually a bunch of schools come together but we go to state every year. Our JV team and Varsity compared to the other schools are some of the best in the county but Harris County joined our region and there the best in the state. It’s really hard to beat the best team in the county at wrestling.