What Songs Student Unwind To

What Songs Student Unwind To

Hannah Stai, News Editor

As we get closer and closer to Spring Break, many teachers are getting more tense and many students are getting more lax. In their relaxation, some students choose to listen to music in order to unwind; I then asked what everyone would recommend as songs to unwind to.

One student, Nolan Brown (11) recommended listening to Reborn by Kids See Ghosts. “Kids See Ghosts is such an underrated music group,” Nolan said, “and Reborn is genuinely one of the most calming yet energetic songs I’ve ever heard.”

Another student, Mattie Blackerby (11), recommended Purity by A$AP Rocky ft. Frank Ocean.

And lastly, Grace Blanchard (10) tends to gravitate towards Young the Giant’s “Mind Over Matter” when she needs an outlet. “It’s a very slow song that just hits you right in the feels,” she says.