Spring Break Fun

Maddy Couch, Writer

Coming up soon is Spring break, so many fun activities, plans, so many opportunities to hang out with friends and family. Although Covid-19 caused a lot of vacations and plans to be canceled, hopefully, this year, Spring break will be much more exciting. There are many things to do during our week break, Whitewater student Marissa Plowman explains some fun activities she plans on during break,” I’m going to the lake and then to Disney World!” many people have some fun trips planned, Whitewater Students Anthony Salamanca and Illyssia Blake plan of traveling to the beach, while others decide to stay more local and catch up with some friends. Whitewater student Maddie Pittman states,” I don’t really have any plans. I think I’m just going to try and hang out with some friends.”
Whitewater student Illyssia Blake, not only plans of going to Florida to visit her grandparents,” I’m going to Flordia to visit my grandparents and for a college visit.” These are just some fun things you could do during Spring break, there are many more activities out there. Have fun on our break that is coming up fast, be safe!