study tips


Kylee Gutierrez, Contributor

     Everybody studies differently. Some people struggle to find a studying method that works best for them. Luckily, there are so many different ways to study for quizzes and tests in school. Studying can help a student memorize material needed for not just quizzes and tests, but also for a future career. There are many ways to learn material like Quizlet, IXL, Kahoot, GimKit, flashcards, reviewing notes and more. These websites can be accessed through ClassLink or by typing them in the search bar. One can also make notes in class and make notecards in their free time. According to Campbell Richey, “I love to do practice tests all the time, but usually it  depends on the subject. Like in French I use flash cards, but in Science it is constantly reviewing and graphs.” These methods are useful because they allow Campbell to understand the material and memorize it for upcoming tests. These methods are great for memorizing and reviewing the new material she just learned. Trying out these simple but effective methods can help you pass your next test.