Game Reviews: “we’re not really strangers”

Leanna Willett

     In November of 2018, 23 year old Koreen Odiney released her now famous game ¨we’re not really strangers.¨ The purpose of this game is to bring people together. Over the past few days, I have interviewed students who have played, and though some say it’s effective, others disagree. 

     Taylor Jordan liked the game because it “helped [her] understand the person she was with and build a deeper and closer connection to them.” The game would be good for couples or new found friends who are trying to get to know each other. On the other hand, one student explains ¨The whole point of this game is to dive deeper with someone you’ve just met or never really knew.¨

     Odiney’s brand has recently released their new “Self- Love” pack, created to help you love and discover more about yourself.As the Instagram for the game has reached over 4 million followers and amassed a large online presence, its popularity continues to grow.  You can find the game on their website, through their Instagram and at any Target store.