Next Up: Maverick City Music


Leanna Willett

Maverick City Music is a group that originated and is based in ATL. The founders, Jonathan Jay and Tony Browns’ inspiration was a dream to lead “strong diverse voices [into] carrying messages that can help reshape the world.” The group is hugely influencing the Gospel worship music genre. With life-altering songs filled with joy to ones of anointing and encouraging a closer relationship with God, their music brings hundreds of thousands of people together. 

On Tuesday, August 17th, I went to one of their more recent gigs called TRIBL Nights. The night ran from 7:30 to 11:00pm. Seeing people be filled with the Lord’s presence and encountering him in radical ways was a very cool experience.  James Hairston spoke about leadership and King David’s story for some time after the worship session. One piece of advice he offered to aspiring leaders was that “If you believe God has anointed you, you cannot talk about God’s anointed, because [he] learned that once you stop honoring you lose favor.”  

If you hadn’t heard of Maverick City before, you can find them on any music platform, as well as shows available to stream on youtube. For people interested in seeing them perform live, they are holding a concert in Atlanta on November 7th, with tickets available on their website.