special talent


Cole Sagon, Contributor

     There are plenty of fun things to do at the beach, you can swim, surf, throw a football, play in the sand, but some people like Braden Erickson prefer to skim board. Braden Erickson (11) started skim boarding his freshman year of high school in 2019 and has been skim boarding at every beach trip since. It took much trial and error for Braden to learn to skim board, he states, “Learning to skim board was a little hard at first because you have to be able to run with the wave, throw the board down evenly, and maintain speed and balance”. Despite these challenges, Braden was able to pick up the fundamentals of skim boarding within a week. To this day he is still learning new tricks and techniques. Speaking of tricks, when asked about his favorite trick Braden explains, “My favorite trick is called a wrap into a reversed flip, all that means is I surf into a wave and then once I hit the wave I immediately turn back to the shore to catch the wave. While riding the wave I use my momentum to throw myself against the wave to get air from the water, then I push my heel down causing the board to spin vertically just like a kickflip on a skateboard.”. This trick sounds tricky to learn, but it makes some great photos! Braden was also asked why he personally likes skim boarding, he replied, “I like skim boarding because it’s unique from everybody else’s hobby, I also like the adrenaline rush it gives me which makes life so much more enjoyable”. Skim boarding is in fact an uncommon hobby, but that won’t stop Braden from continuing to learn and improve his skim boarding skills.