The Student Behind Childhood Cancer Awareness Week


Faith Johnson

Jaden Grimes is a freshman who saw the importance of bringing recognition to childhood cancer. She personally knew the effects of childhood cancer, and decided that such an overwhelming problem should be discussed more. 

Why did you want to spread awareness of childhood cancer specifically?

“I knew how many children suffered and I know there aren’t that many people who are aware of childhood cancer…I wanted to make that more apparent to the community.”

What got you involved in this movement?

“My sister had cancer. When she turned 3 she was diagnosed and so it’s always been an apparent thing in our lives because we’ve had to live with it for a while. Luckily she’s in remission.”

How did you get the event started?

“I talked to Mrs. Wolf and did some research for fundraising options and charities we can donate to and they just took it from there.”

What do you hope to share with other students?

“Just the awareness and how many children actually suffer through the unimaginable. There are a lot of people if you think about it.”

How can students get involved and help spread awareness?

“Other students can promote awareness at their local communities like: their neighborhood, church, or any other extracurricular activity you do. Especially, during the month of September because it’s childhood cancer awareness month and [of course] any other time.”

Do you have any last remarks?

“There might be some people that you know that have been related to someone with childhood cancer or their relatives have passed away from [it]…and you have no clue. It’s important you just stay aware.”

Jaden Grimes’s story is one of empowerment. She may have only been a freshman, but she continually pursued what she found to be an important mission, a prime example of how students can use their voice to make a difference.