In Honor of NYC Fashion Week


Leanna Willett

After the exciting events of NYC Fashion Week, featuring great designers like Sandy Liang Christian Cowan, we wanted to have our own little fashion review at Whitewater. Since school is a great place for kids to express themselves through fashion, it is gratifying to have outlets encouraging their style. We wanted to hear from some of our more fashion-related people at Whitewater. 

Here is why Zayden Leischner likes fashion and how he uses it to express himself: ¨I am entranced with fashion as it provides a creative outlet for my personal expression and allows me to get across messages without using my voice at all. I find the many silhouettes, colors, and shapes to be captivating and am always looking for new ways to pair them together to create an image that shows what I’m feeling that individual day- whether it be polished avant-guard or camp. I find fashion as a way to express myself by taking the social structure of gender embedded into clothing norms and ripping them out. The world we live in is so very bipartisan with even shapes and colors being seen as “masculine” and/or “feminine” and I personally don’t feel and attachment to either of those labels so I dress according to my true feelings of anonymity, playing with the different sides of the coin combining them to be something unique to myself.¨

Zayden Leischner

Anthony Vanheyningen tells us a little about how well he thinks mens fashion is evolving and what areas it could be better in: ¨The only problem I see in [mens fashion] is that there is not a lot of originality. A lot of [guys] take one step into buying creative pieces but once they’ve taken that step they cut it off and become complacent. Sometimes that originality is extremely [present] like Austin Babbitt is so creative to the point where you can tell that [his style] is a true expression of himself. Places like TikTok are good to get yourself out there fashion wise.¨ 

Anthony Vanheyningen

Juliane York, who is the leader of runway club, had a few things to say regarding trends seen in this generation of highschoolers: ¨Fast fashion is an issue in our [generation], I think as far as fashion goes [with] trends you can incorporate trends into your personal style but at the end of the day personal style always rules. Especially as overconsumption continues [to grow], people are hopping onto things they think are really cool and that’s perfectly fine to develop your style…but when there’s constantly new trends it feels as though you need your own thing for it to stay. It’s too rapid to keep up with, especially because of social media. Like the September edition of Vogue usually sets trends for the year to come however the September edition of Vogue takes a year to create. [social media has put so much out there that] it causes many to talk about how boring the September edition was because they’ve seen it before. [Since] our consumption has become so quick we aren’t taking time to appreciate the trends as they uncover. [For example] 2000’s trends lasted around five years and now trends last a month tops and it’s [negatively] impacting the environment because companies like shein are trying to keep up with the rapidly changing trends.¨

Julianne’s outfit of the week, she created the design on her pants