Sophía Lorena Valenzuela Venegas from Chile


Kylee Gutierrez

As many of us know, there are several foreign exchange students at our school this semester. One of these students is Sophía “from Santiago de Chile.”
She loves “this high school, it’s so different from the one in Chile, in fact, it’s kind of like the ones you see in the movies!” There are many things she likes about our high school, “In Chile, we don’t change classrooms, the teachers come and go. Also here, you have a lot of “specific” classes like microbiology and financial literacy, etc.” Another thing is “In Chile, the weather is the other way around from you, so, what that means is that now we are in spring!” There are many things she did back at home in Chile, including “Competitive dancing.” Often times we are so accustomed to our classes and lives that we forget what its like around the world!