Art at WHS


Leanna Willett

We have a lot of excellence here at Whitewater, and some of the best examples are from our artists. From sculpture to graphite there are many different ways students express their creativity. Transferring from the science department to explore his creative interests is Mr. Hammock, our new art teacher.

Clay Turtle by Anastasia Morris
Why did you create this piece? “Well my boyfriend’s favorite animal is turtles, and I wanted to make him something to show that I appreciate him.” You can find more artwork by Anastasia on her art instagram @radical_rossy.
Eye of Sauron by Kara Thaxton
Why did you create this piece? “I love Lord of the Rings and didn’t want to create the basic origami assignment.”
Flower Sculpture by Ifra Kahn Why did you create this piece? “I saw a flower and was inspired to create it for the class project.” 
It’s really good, do you have past experience? 
”Yes, I have taken sculpture in one of my former classes and I sometimes do it in my free time.”

Mr. Hammock shared that before becoming the art teacher he “would see some of the students’ work and be so blown away [he’d] ask Coach Cloud, [our former art teacher] if he could make the same things as students, in which [Coach Cloud] would respond ‘absolutely not.’ He explained to me that ‘you cannot be intimidated by students who are better than you in certain areas, instead you need to celebrate what they can do rather than compare your skill levels.’”