Meet Marlene Knùppe from Germany


Whitewater High School is honored to extend a warm welcome to Marlene Knùppe, one of our foreign exchange students this year. She is from Germany and she “loves this school and in general the experience! My favorite part is study hall because we are in the gym and we get to play volleyball. I also enjoy my food for life class, weight training, and algebra.” Our school is different from her school in Germany, where they “have a weekly schedule and school starts at 7:50 to 1:05 (but we have more homework). This school has some classes we don’t have in Germany and in Germany, we have some classes you don’t have here. In addition, our classmates are the same over the years and the teachers walk to our classroom and we stay the entire day in our room. Also, we don’t have as many tests, we only have in every subject two exams in a semester and sometimes short quizzes (it counts 50-30%), but we have to say something in the classes to get a good grade (it counts 50-70%).” Besides school she also enjoys “playing piano, tennis, shopping, meeting with friends, cooking/baking and going to the lake” in Germany. There are many things she loves about Whitewater High School and back at home!