Homecoming Court


Cole Sagon

This year’s 2021 Homecoming court has been chosen! Students voted on their favorite picks for Homecoming court and the Homecoming game & dance are just around the corner. Out of the hundreds of juniors attending Whitewater High School, only 4 girls and 4 guys were chosen for Homecoming court. The four guys are: Jp Okeke, Zayden Leischner, Popo Aggurie, and Chandler Johnson. The four girls are: Sarah Nell, Lauralee Walls, Makayla Coffield, and Oppy Abiodun-findo.


These 8 students will be paired together to walk on the field at the Homecoming football game showing out in their suits and dresses. Some of the students on Homecoming court were asked how they reacted to hearing that they had made court and if it was unexpected or not, “I reacted in a very happy and grateful manner when I realized I had made top ten, but especially when I made top four. I was a little shocked to hear the news because up until this point I hadn’t known that people liked me for who I was.” Zayden Leischner (11). “When I found out I had made it, I was ecstatic and grateful for those who had voted for me to be on it. However, it was very unexpected to me.” Jp Okeke (11).  “I was really excited because I feel like it was evidence to me that I had become that person for people, over the past year I’ve really tried to talk to everybody and be as nice as I can and just be my true self. I was not expecting to make the top 10,  and I was really excited to make the top four. It felt really nice to feel appreciated by my class.” Sarah Nell (11). These students are jubilant that they’ve made Homecoming court and we can’t wait to see them walk the field!