New Chromebooks


Cole Sagon

The day that many have asked for has finally come! Whitewater High School has distributed new chromebooks to Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. The new chromebooks are much smaller and much faster than the previous models, and feature a new charging cable. 

The old chromebooks were estimated to take around 6 minutes just to power on and to get to any given website, this caused many problems that wasted class time. The keyboard on the old chromebooks were bad as well, they would jam and get stuck, and sometimes keys wouldn’t even register. With the new model chromebook, all of these problems are solved. Sadly for seniors, they did not receive the new chromebooks, deemed unnecessary as graduation approaches. We interviewed Archer Holley, a senior and asked him how he felt about not receiving the new chromebook, he shared, “It’s the most important year of high school and I have several classes that require max use of my chromebook. Having to wait for my chromebook to load takes away from me being able to complete as much work as possible.” We also interviewed a student fortunate enough to receive a new chromebook, they replied, “The new chrome books are fast and more reliable. They make typing easier and overall are better than the last ones.” These new chromebooks were a great investment on behalf of the school, and give students the tools necessary to embrace their education.