Teaching Math Vs. Taking Math


Cole Sagon

You’re either a math person, or an English person, and despite the amount of students swearing they’ll never touch math after high school, there is often a change of plans. Ironically, many of these students go on to become math teachers! Mr. Parker teaches at Whitewater High School and so happens to be one of these students. We asked his opinions on math now vs when he was in high school, he replied, “When I was in High School I enjoyed Math, but I would not say that I appreciated it as much as I do now.  It was always one of my favorite subjects, but probably because it was the subject I understood the best. If someone would have told me in high school that I would have grown up to be a Math teacher, I would not have believed them.  As a teacher of Math, I see it as super important, and not just because it pays my bills.  Students ask all the time, ‘When will I use this in life?’  I like to respond that we all have problems in life and we all have to figure them out.  It seems like a simple response but it is so true. Math teaches us to persevere in solving problems, and this is a vital skill in real life.  Our friends, families, and significant others do not want us walking out on them when things get tough.  Math is one of the places we learn to face and overcome our problems.” This goes to show that you can never predict where you’ll be in the future, and who knows? You could end up where you never expected!