Homecoming Court King and Queen


Kylee Gutierrez

The winners of Whitewater High School’s homecoming court for king and queen are Kyye Ricks and Nathan Wallace! Kyye Ricks wore a beautiful blue dress and she “picked the dress because [she] wanted something that stood out from everyone else’s and something that fit [her] shape.” However, at the dance, she “wore a long purple dress with a slit in the side because [she] wanted to do something different.” For her, “winning court was amazing and [she] felt honored to represent the school…[she] was extremely excited that the students picked [her]. [She] wanted to follow in Kyna Cheney and Morgan Johnson’s footsteps in winning the court as a black girl.” For Nathan Wallace, winning “was cool. [He] waited four long years for it and it finally happened. Winning it with [his] girlfriend made it even more special and [they] were just happy about it and all of homecoming week.” Nathan also “had a feeling [he] was going to win, because people kept talking to [him] about it in school and they kept saying ‘Wassup King’ which was cool.” Both of them looked great in their outfits and congratulations from the newspaper staff to our homecoming court king and queen!