Colin O’brien: Football Career


Cole Sagon

Out of every major sport, American football is the most popular and the most watched sport in all of America. From high school football to college and the NFL, football has been the most profitable and view catching sport for a long time. Following the popularity of football, many people begin playing as soon as they can, in hopes of making it into their favorite college team or even the NFL. Joining Whitewater high school’s football team his sophomore year, Colin O’brien has dreams to make it big. Colin has always enjoyed playing football with his friends and family, but finally decided to put his skills to use. When asked about his current career in football, Colin explained, “I play wide receiver and have been playing football for 2 years now. I’ve always loved playing and throwing around a football though. Football means a lot to me, I want to make it my future career and I’ll continue to play until I do.” Colin is currently on the varsity football team and is planning to play throughout the rest of high school, extending his talents through college.