Fear is the Mind Killer


Leanna Willett

Denis Villeneuve’s feature film Dune, which premiered at the Venice film festival on September 3rd, caused quite a stir. Preparing for a large audience in theaters on Thursday, October 21st, when Dune was released to the public. It’s debut weekend the movie made approximately $40.1 million at the North American box office. Considering that the movie was released in theaters on the same day as being released on HBO Max, this turnout is very impressive. Director Denis Villeneuve is doing what no other director could. The original Dune by Frank Herbert; a 900 page novel, has been tackled by three different directors. All three who failed to bring the true depth of Herbert’s book to life, because of its length.

The storyline follows the main character Paul Atreides, played by Timothee Chalamet, on his journey of self discovery and understanding what to do with his role and immense power. Throughout the journey we see power struggles, family secrets revealed, and the exploration of the uncertain planet; Arrakis. 

After asking students what they thought of the adaptation I received a varied response. Senior, Julianne York, explained that the movie “will definitely make more sense if you read the books, it’s a little confusing and vague if u can’t hear or [understand] all the references and names.” Some people were disappointed that Zendaya who played Chani did not get much screen time in this first part of Villeneuve’s vision. Others expressed their excitement to see more of Chani’s character development in part two.  

A huge part of what makes the film so capturing is the cinematography and fashion it entails, focusing largely on the character. Additionally, the landscape shots are filled with vibrant colors that transport one into the mystical world of Arrakis. Costumes look detailed and functional, aligning accurately with the book’s descriptions. Overall, the movie did a brilliant job with visuals. 

Since the film left us with an unfinished storyline, It has been confirmed that the first movie will have a sequel. Villeneuve is hoping to begin filming in 2022 if he is permitted. The majority predict that the two movies will be a faithful adaptation of the science-fiction novel.