Cat Chat: Cason Young


Cole Sagon

Playing the guitar since he was young, Cason Young has been in many concerts and talent shows displaying his musical talent to everyone. In his free time he likes to sing and practice his favorite songs on guitar. He also plays with the orchestra for Whitewater High School. At Whitewater’s most recent concert, he played “Free” by Zac Brown and sang “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry. When asked how he felt walking onto the stage, Cason replied, “I had practiced for weeks to perfect all the songs, but I felt a little nervous. When It comes to getting nervous on stage you just have to go for it and give your all or it wont sound good.” His stage fright didn’t last much longer, “I absolutely enjoyed every second of it. The crowd loved it and everyone in the class enjoyed it as well, so the end result was amazing.” Cason’s solo performance and singing were both magnificent and if you want to see him play for yourself, take a trip to the next orchestra concert!