Runway Club


Leanna Willett

Fashion is a huge part of the world today. We often choose to express ourselves through our style. Julianne York wanted to see more of that expression here at Whitewater, so she created a club that pushes for creativity through fashion. It all started when Julianne got the idea Sophomore year, however Covid and virtual learning stopped her from taking the first steps toward opening the club. Then her Junior year when in-school learning came back, she proposed the idea to Mr. Cole. Unfortunately he explained that starting new clubs was not a good idea at the time since Whitewater was still readjusting to Covid policies. Finally before the summer Julianne got it approved for the beginning of this 2021-2022 school year. The Runway Club became official in August. Julianne York is president of the program and Ms. Simich is the sponsor. Their plan was to have two fashion shows held at Whitewater, one winter show in November and a spring show in April. However, due to time restraints, designers were unable to get all their outfits in on time, so Julianne and Ms. Simich have decided to cancel the November show. Now with the winter show canceled they are placing all their attention onto the Spring show.

When did you get the idea?  

“The idea came from this girl I’ve been following on Instagram since sixth grade. Her name’s Hannah Ruth Zander and she’s currently a personal stylist but before then she actually founded a fashion club at her high school in Utah with over 100 people in it. When I found out I immediately [messaged] her about it and she got me in touch with the current president who was happy to give me a bunch of tips around finances and on how to start the club.”

Why did you feel our school would benefit from this club?

Piece by Julianne York

“Well we have a lack of anything fashion related at Whitewater. I think fashion is a means of expression and showing what you feel to the world. Whether that be with gender conformity or color It gives you an ability with expression that you otherwise wouldn’t have if you wore the same thing as everyone else. I like being able to look good in what I wear and I enjoy seeing all different people when they show themselves, it’s like seeing them pop. If everyone wore the same thing we’d all be bored.” 

What are your hopes for the spring show, will you be more prepared?

“Basically as an improvement from a hastily put together fall show we will have the ability to build our set and perhaps do it in the cafeteria with an actual runway. With the additional time to focus on the spring show we can recruit a lot more makeup and hair artists to come along as well as find dedicated models. It also gives us the opportunity to hone in on themes and even stage design too. I want each designer’s theme to be exactly as they imagine it, that includes the feel of the set. This time is giving us lots of opportunities to change the lights, music, and everything else. I’m excited for a more put together and extravagant show.”

 What are your other future plans for the Runway Club?

“I’m gonna hand off the power of president to whoever comes next. I’m really hoping that we can grow, so that the club lives on and doesn’t die with me at graduation. I have lots of ideas I want the club to pursue so I’ll need someone else to take them up when continuing the club after my graduation.” 

Fashion speaks volumes all over the world holding importance in people’s lives, and now it has a place to speak freely at Whitewater.