Seniors: Expectation Vs. Reality


Leanna Willett

In High School, we look forward to Senior year. To prom, Friday nights with our friends, and finishing high school to start a new chapter of our lives. Students have many hopes and expectations for their Senior year and those expectations aren’t always met. When Covid cases spiked in many high schools across the country back in March of 2020,  Seniors had a difficult time pushing through those last few months with their education, mindset, and relationships. Seniors are still facing some of those effects this year. We interviewed a handful of students to see what their expectations were for this school year and what their realities ended up looking like. 

First, Junior Carleigh Kopecky told us what she is looking forward to next year. 

“With Covid slowly starting to settle, I have high expectations for not only my own senior year, but my whole class! I am expecting a great year full of good grades, friends, and of course Friday night lights! School is a big part of all of our lives and I am hoping for a great year for us all! I remember walking through the doors as a freshman thinking high school would feel like forever. Now with the new title of Senior just around the corner, I look back on all the great memories! I have never been more excited to not only represent the school, but see what senior year has in store for my friends and I. Nearing the end of course brings stress about becoming an adult and moving forward with life, but I’m excited to venture forward and seek new beginnings! I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us and to represent the school I’m very proud to be a part of.”

Brynne Richards, a Senior, explained her expectations. 

“I was expecting a year full of fun but still with lots of Covid restrictions. I knew we would be able to have more senior activities and usual events compared to years past, but didn’t want to get my hopes up too much in case of rising covid cases. I was still excited but definitely more cautious.”  

Then shared her reality this year. 

“I feel like it has turned out to be better than what I thought! It has definitely been easier to enjoy class, football games, and other events without severe covid restrictions…when school started I was really overwhelmed with college applications, scholarships, and my plans after high school. But the closer I get to graduating, the more excited and ready I am to move on and experience new things. Having watched the last two Senior classes not have the chance to do these Senior traditions, makes me and other Seniors more excited to participate and make the most of this time. I am [so] pumped for the last semester and a half as a senior and am trying not to rush past it – with more sporting events, concerts, senior dress up days, baccalaureate, graduation and so much more!”