Tacky Day


Cole Sagon, Contributor

     It’s the second day of homecoming week, and you all know what that means, Tacky day! On Tacky day you can wear basically whatever you want to look as tacky as possible. From mismatched socks to wacky colored shirts, students at Whitewater High School don’t fail to impress. On Tacky day, a quick stroll through the hallways would greet you with a pallet of colors, along with non-matching outfits. Many friend groups got together and dressed tacky as a group, so we picked some students from these groups and asked them how they came up with their outfit and what made it tacky. Junior Ariel Ainsworth shared, “I was wearing a fluffy striped sweater and cheetah print pants. My friends all outshined me but at least I looked cute.”.  Furthermore, junior Ian Oosterling shared, “Well I basically started with a pink jersey and then went and pulled out everything that didn’t match it and then picked some shorts and randomly decided to put on two Hawaiian shirts and three pairs of socks. For the shoes I just found two different shoes in my garage and wore them.”. These are only 2 examples of the many kinds of outfits you could find on Tacky day throughout the school. Along with tacky outfits comes tacky photos too! Friend groups seized this opportunity to take group photos to look back and remember the day they dressed as they never would have be.