Passion for Singing

Cole Sagon, Contributor

     The sound that soothes the ear, the sound that puts people to sleep, the sound that calms the body, this is the sound of music. Music has been around for hundreds of thousands of years and has changed drastically since then. Nowadays, music is easily accessible and there are countless amounts of genres and artists. Some music artists make songs using technology to produce a beat, some artists like to play an instrument while they sing, and some artists resort to autotune to make their voice perfect. However, there are some people who prefer the traditional way of music by training their voice to sound beautiful without any technology or autotune. Archer Holley (12), being in the Whitewater school chorus, is one of these people. Archer has been in chorus for 9 years and has continued to sing at baseball games and concerts for the school. He has practiced with instruments such as the guitar to improve his musical talent tremendously. When asked about why he joined chorus and what his favorite part is, he replied, “I joined chorus because of my love for music. I would listen to music any part of the day if I could, and my favorite part is getting to sing and hang out with some of my closest friends”. Archer’s passion for music is definitely strong and to this day he continues to sing to any songs he comes to, maybe one day have his name featured around the world.