Veterans Day Special


Cole Sagon

This past Thursday night, the Whitewater concert and symphonic bands, The Jazz Cats and the Whitewater Wind Ensemble came together for a special Veterans Day performance. Each group performed magnificently, they played Star Spangled Banner, Train Heading West, Spirit of Liberty and Escape from the Deep. Afterwards, the Jazz Cats performed Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, The American Patrol and It Doesn’t Mean a Thing featuring Mrs. Simich singing the chorus. For the next performance, the Wind Ensemble performed An American Fanfare,  Armed Forces Salute, and American Salute. Finally, the Wind Ensemble and the WHS chorale performed Battle of Hymn of the Republic and The Stars and Stripes Forever. Junior Kellen Frenelle shared his experience with us and the practice that led up to the concert, he shares, “I think that the process leading up to the concert was stressful but pressure creates diamonds and I believed due to all of the hard work we put in, that our final product came out very nicely. Playing with the Chorale was a very cool experience, they bring a flavor to concerts that mix very well with the band, not to mention they sounded amazing. In my opinion, the hardest song to play was definitely American Salute because of the speed and tricky runs it provided throughout the song, so learning it was a struggle. However, my personal favorite song had to be It Don’t Mean a Thing. The pace and the rhythm all blended so well. Plus, having a solo was very cool so that automatically made the song way more fun to play”. From the quote alone, it is clear that the concert was astounding, all of the students had a great time playing together to honor all of our veterans. They worked hard to perfect their music and it all paid off in the end, now they’re back to practicing to perfect their music for the next concert.