Cat Chat: Olivia Chandler


Faith Johnson

Olivia Chandler is a senior at Whitewater High School. She is involved with numerous school and extracurricular activities such as orchestra and volunteer programs. She applies herself in school and takes rigorous classes, clearly not the type of person to sit and wait around.  

Olivia’s days are filled to the brim with 5 AP classes and a dual enrollment class, “I always have some after school activity, whether that is orchestra related or if it’s Civil Air Patrol, or my Saint Vincent De Paul youth group, which I’m actually president of.” When asked how she became president, Olivia explains, “Well, I was Vice President for a while and then I thought, ‘I could do it better,’ “ she laughs, “So I took the president position.” Olivia further details that as president she, ”help[s] look over things, try and streamline the process,” talking about when they volunteer,”So it’s not people floundering around, someone to take charge and get things moving, instead of just sitting there and talking about feelings.” She is there to make sure the task gets done on time.

However, volunteering isn’t the only impressive activity she does, Olivia is additionally involved in orchestra. It is her life so it takes up most of her time. “I’m in the Chamber Orchestra, and also String Attached, which is a small ensemble. You have to be in Chamber for a year, and then you can audition to be in Strings Attached. I’ve been in [Strings Attached] for three years, since Sophomore year.” 

She has done many concerts like “Spivey Hall, which was an honors orchestra, and I also did KSU (Kennesaw State University), which was another honors orchestra that I was nominated for. I also do All County Orchestra and I’m doing All State Orchestra, which I got past the first round now I’m on the second [for All State].” 

The instrument Olivia plays now is double bass, but originally in middle school she wanted to play the cello. Her thinking was, “I played the guitar and I thought it would be easier because they’re relatively the same size and I thought it would be a decent transition. But they needed more basses so I said ‘fine’ and it worked out.” 

With all that she’s putting on her plate, it really feels like she’s being pushed by someone. Though, according to Olivia, she’s “a glutton for punishment.” Discussing her schedule, she says, “I put myself in these situations, and I have to figure out how to balance that, and the clubs I’m in, and the Honor Societies, and stuff.” 

Honestly, this is barely scratching the surface of Olivia Chandler, she has so much more about her. If you think she already does so much, the little free time she gets, she uses to horseback ride, dressage and all. She is a fascinating person who is constantly challenging herself.