Día de los Muertos also known as “Day of the Dead”


Leanna Willett

Every year on November 1st and 2nd all of Mexico joins together to celebrate the previous lives of their deceased loved ones. This year the Spanish classes at Whitewater created ofrendas and kites to honor and take part in the celebration.

Alexi Romero told us, “I made this kite for my Abuelo Roque who passed away when I was seven. He was an amazing man who loved music and the outdoors. His favorite color was also blue, which is why I made a blue sun and a guitar on the kite.”

Alexi Romero’s Kite

This celebration is beloved widely throughout Mexico and other parts of the world. Here are a few movies that you can watch to gain a better visual and understanding of the celebration:  ‘The Book of Life,’ ‘Coco,’ and short film animation ‘Dia De Los Muertos.’

One student created an ofrenda for Basketball star Kobe and his daughter Gigi Bryant who passed away in January of last year. They included some of Kobe and Gigis favorite things, as seen in the photo.