From Serving America to Serving Students


Faith Johnson

Sometimes we overlook the staff we see everyday. To us, they have always been in the same school, doing the same job since as long back as we can remember. However, if you take a closer look, you will find some who have done more for you than you will ever know.

Ms. Caroline Lutes is the school’s lunch lady. She handles and dishes out the food, something she is familiar with as that was what she did in the military. “It’s funny because [when] I went in, I wanted to be infantry, but I had to change my MOS [Military Occupational Specialty] to a cook because of my feet,” she laughs. Ms. Lutes did mention that having that job helped her become used to “Institutional cooking. That’s how it was so easy for me to flow when I came here.” 

She held her position for ten years, and a part of her job was “transporting food to the fields.” She describes it as “ interesting. Especially when it was cold and you actually had to stand by a barrel of fire with the guys, and [we] were freezing, and we were trying to eat in the dark, so it was fun.” 

Although, it wasn’t all enjoyable while Ms. Lutes was on the field. She saw first hand the harsh realities of it all. “I was in a training brigade and there were a lot of young guys coming in, not familiar with them, away from home, and sometimes in the field. I guess it just got to a pont, they weren’t used to anybody yelling at them, and it was depressing… Some of the guys really had to be talked to, get them motivated.” She does say on a more positive note that, “After those eight weeks of training, they fit right in.” An enlightening insight into the job in the thick of it.