Meet the Staff: Cole Sagon


Hi! I’m Cole. I’m 17 and my birthday is on July 29th. It’s pretty cool having a summer birthday but it’s also late summer, normally school starts like a week after my birthday so that’s pretty lame. I haven’t really ever been a big sports fan, they just kind of bore me, but I do take Taekwondo, whether you consider it a sport or not, I love it! Also, my dream car would be a Corvette Stingray. I love the way they look, they’re fast, and they’re not crazy expensive. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not cheap, but it’s not like a lamborghini or anything like that. I specifically want a light blue corvette because those look sick. My personality is a bit on the weird side, so is my maturity.  I may be 17, but I act like I’m 13. Some of the jokes I make and some of the things can be childish to the point that people worry for me, but that’s ok! I also have really long and fast growing hair. My hair grows back within a few weeks of me cutting it so most of the time I just keep it long, but when it’s long I get mistaken for a girl sometimes and that’s really awkward. I like working out but I prefer calisthenics over weight lifting, I know it’s weird but there’s some calisthenic exercises that look so cool, and it trains your whole body with each exercise. I still weight lift but most of the time I’m doing calisthenic based exercises. I also like making and editing videos. I’m absolutely terrible at it, but I still find it fun to add funny things to dumb videos. That’s about all I have to say about myself, goodbye.