Meet the Staff: Faith Johnson


I am Faith Johnson. I am a 16 year old, class of 2024, sophomore. I have six other sisters, fully, biologically related to me, and I’ve been pretty much raised only by my super, amazing mom. Don’t mess with her or I will have to fight you. 

This is my first year going to not only Whitewater, but a brick and mortar school. I was previously enrolled in Georgia Cyber Academy for two years, and before that, I was homeschooled. I switched to Whitewater initially, because my younger sister  Adeline wanted to go. She loved the idea of getting to be around people everyday. I, a people-pleasing introvert, was ok with it. So we transitioned over and I am loving it. As much as I was appreciative of the flexibility Georgia Cyber gave me, Whitewater offers more opportunities for me. 

I joined the school’s newspaper team because I love writing. I just can’t get enough of it. It is a passion of mine. It gives me an outlet to express my creativity and share my thoughts. Being on the school’s newspaper team allows me to do the same thing. I can choose who I interview, what I talk about, and share information I, and hopefully you as well, find interesting.

Outside of school, I am a part of Civil Air Patrol. There are a variety of activities the program offers, but the one I’m invested in is the Cadet Program. It is my life. I have been in it for two years, and as of right now, I am a 2nd Lieutenant, that’s a pretty big deal. I head our Cohort, which is what you do when you first join the program, again, a pretty big deal. I really have seen myself grow, become a better leader, and be more confident. I highly recommend it.

My future plans are to join a branch of the military through the ROTC program and become a teacher, either in math or English. I want to join the military because I love working with people. It gives me joy when I can lead people to complete a goal and I can help them to become better. I want to be a teacher for most of the same reasons. This may be cliche, but I want to make a difference in their lives. I want to show them that school can be fun. Plus, I promise I will be a fun teacher that you don’t absolutely despise. Although, I’m not specifically sure what subject I’d like to teach, I do know that I want to work with middle schoolers or high schoolers.

Thanks for getting to know me. I hope I brought a little insight to your life.