Mrs. Ligon’s Big Upgrade


If you think Whitewater could not get any better, it just did. Mrs. Ligon’s classroom changed up its look with new Imacs. It’s something to get used to, but everyone is excited about them.

They came about because the former Dell computers weren’t working for the type of classes Mrs. Ligon teaches. She acquired the computers from another teacher who was getting an upgrade, so they were quite old. She commented that it was “My turn for my lab to be refreshed…” The county felt Imacs would be best for her classroom, which she did not object to, so now they are here for everyone to enjoy.

The students have no objections either, seeing significant improvements. Nathan Mayfield sums them up as “a lot more techy, if that makes sense.” He further explains, “They have a lot more features that the other computers didn’t have,” furthermore, “They’re easier to work with.” Jada Barfield shares the same sentiments thinking they’re “really cool and they have such cool effects.” The only downside of having such nice computers most people agreed with is that Mrs. Ligon doesn’t let them eat or drink at their desks. She has everyone put their drinks on a table far away from them. Mrs. Ligon has also emphasized the importance of putting the wireless mouses in a specific spot, joking that she would take points off students’ grades if she had to tidy up after them. 

Truly, a well received upgrade, the new Imacs are probably the best addition Whitewater has had in some time.