trip for the drama nerds


Emma Becraft, Junior Editor in Chief

     This previous weekend the international thespians of our school went on a weekend trip to a convention called “Thescon”. Thescon is held in Columbus Georgia and theater kids from all over Georgia are given the chance to visit as a school trip. The convention consists of award-winning plays from other high schools, workshops ranging from juggling to how to get a job in the film industry, and they also have booths with representatives from colleges all over the state offering scholarships and applications for the seniors. 

     Sophomore, Katelynn Garcia, was one of the 13 people who qualified for this trip and got to experience the welcoming environment for the first time since it closed down due to covid 2 years ago. Garcia spent a lot of her time in the workshops and watching the plays but in the downtime she got, she spent it “hanging out with [her] friends at the bookstore” where she recalls “the funniest moment was reading all the different kinds of books in the store”. 

     Katelynn says she “feels changed in a sense that [she is] more comfortable with the people around her and [she] learned a lot at the workshops, [her] favorite one being the clown workshop”. She shares that “you could really just be yourself in the class and no one would judge you”.

     Katelynn shares that she has her fingers crossed that the convention will be in person once again and that she can’t wait to go again and make so many more new friends.