Aye Matey


Emma Becraft, Junior Editor in Chief

     Many people here at WHS have unique obsessions. Trey Ingle has taken a particular interest in pirates and enjoys collecting clothing and swords to complete his outfit.

     He first discovered his extreme love by watching Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Trey took interest in the sea raiders “because pirates have a life of freedom and can travel wherever they want to go in the world”. Trey particularly likes to go to “a beach in North Carolina that has an entire Black Beard section in the aquarium and has an exact replica of the ship he sailed”. 

    Trey is unsure whether or not he’d like to pursue the life of a pirate but he does know that he loves the seven seas. With that, Trey would like to leave all the readers with a parting joke: 

     “Where can you find a pirate who lost his wooden legs?”


     “Right where you left him!”