New Principal


Cole Sagon

After a great many years, Whitewater High School’s principal is leaving the school. As sad as it is, it opens up new opportunities for Whitewater, and with new opportunities comes a new principal. Welcome to Whitewater Krystin Hall! Mrs Hall was previously an assistant principal at Starrs Mill High School for 4 years. She’s also taught as a marketing teacher and has taught at Newnan High School and Winderbarrow High School. After being in the education field for nearly 20 years, Mrs Hall decided to take it a step further and move on to a higher position. After doing a 3 week internship with Mr. Cole, she was thrilled to become Whitewater’s new principal. After becoming principal, she had made a set of goals she had for the school, she shares, “My goals for the school center around 4 C’s. Connection, Curriculum, Communication, and Culture. I want to continue the great things that are in place, the community feel, pride, and tradition. My biggest goal is to provide every student opportunities to become the best version of themself and have a successful high school experience.” With these goals set into place, Whitewater is set up for success, now it’s time to put these goals into action!