Star Student: West Clayton

Star Student: West Clayton


Whitewater is proud to announce that the high honor of Star Student has been awarded to West Clayton. It is very difficult to attain and essentially means you’re a genius at tests. West is very happy about it and he has a lot to say about it.

The requirements for students to attain the title are simply to have the highest score on the SAT compared to everybody else in their class, then in their county, then their district, and then finally, their state. Based on West’s 1550 -for reference, the scores are out of 1600- there is no denying he had the best one. Of course, having a score like that will definitely exude some joy. His reaction to his SAT score “…was pretty proud because [he] studied a good bit and it was something that [he[ really wanted to do well on for college.” He further explains, “I was a little surprised though, obviously, that I got Star Student because there’s a lot of really smart kids in my class, who I figured would’ve gotten the same score or possibly better.” There may be plenty of smart students in his class, but clearly he has stood out amongst them in this area. Additionally, he has some advice for anyone who is trying to do well on the SAT. “Practice tests. That’s all I did, was just a bunch of tests from those [SAT prep] books…That’s really all I did.” Essentially meaning, don’t leave studying to the last minute, let yourself get used to the style of the test.

One perk of being the Star Student, besides bragging rights and colleges liking it, is the student can pick a Star Teacher. West picked Mrs. Wolf  because “she taught me healthcare for two years, and I had also gotten really close to her with HOSA, with being a HOSA officer. Also, she taught my sister ten years ago, so she’s really close with my sister and her family, [she] keeps up with them, so she’s kinda like a part of our family at this point. [Additionally,] she’s taught me a lot about healthcare and also how to treat other people. She really embodies a lot of the same qualities I want to have, as a physician in the future, and as just a personal thing.” It’s a very sweet sentiment, and he clearly had his priorities straight when picking Mrs Wolf. 

Star Student may be difficult to attain, but this just goes to show that studying and practice actually makes perfect. Hopefully, Whitewater has more students receive the honor of Star Student. With how smart they are, it wouldn’t be a surprise.