22-23 SPEC!

Drama class had an exciting musical for you to see this year!


Perry Sullivan, Contributor

Every year the drama department puts on a stunning musical produced with the work of every student in the program. From the set builders to technicians, to the actors, every member helps where they can and to their best ability. It was because of everyone’s hard work that last year’s musical of beauty and the beast was so stunning, and who can forget the drama teacher, Mrs. Simich, who for last year’s show, drove all the way down to Texas and drove back in one day to deliver some beautiful costumes to her students!

Now, once again, The drama department has decided on the next musical they will astound us with. On Tuesday the 10th, right after school the drama department held an event to announce this year’s musical! Before the event, every member, ¨was practically begging Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. Simich to tell us what it was, but they refused to say to us until this past Tuesday¨-Jacey Black.

As soon as the bell rang, children rushed to the chorus room to be greeted by their teachers, and by a presentation filled with clues to reveal the musical. ¨half of us couldn’t even piece together the first clue¨- Jacey. Finally, the time had come for the big reveal. This year’s musical is, drumroll, please… Shrek The Musical! When the show was announced ¨ the entire room just went crazy, everyone was so excited and happy that it was Shrek¨.  Every member is incredibly excited and cannot wait for the performance later this year. Everyone who can should definitely come to see the show, I’m sure this will be an amazing show!