Born To Toss: Color Guard


Trey Ingle, Contributor

     The Whitewater High School Color Guard is a one-of-a-kind group with many different people. The work that these people put into their craft is incredible, spending several days a week perfecting everything from rifle tosses to flag throws. 

     Alexa Wiess(24), The captain social media officer, speaks of her experience over the past 2 years. Alexa finds a particular interest in the sport stating “we can captivate an audience with what we as a performer deem as ‘simple’ or ‘easy’”. The precise movements and tosses are not as simple as it seems, taking months to perfect and master. With the sport being so difficult, the memories made make it worth it. “ [The] energy of our team when [they] are all in sync feels so powerful” Alexa mentions this as it is the best part of the sport.

      Alexa loves the rewarding feeling after the competitions knowing that the team as a whole put one hundred and ten percent into what they’ve done. The Whitewater Color Guard is incredible and the work these people put into their craft is insane!