Land of stories: book review

Perry Sullivan, Contributor

During middle school I made it my goal to finish reading a series of chapter books known as The Land Of Stories by Chris Colfer, so spoiler alert, here is some background and my thoughts:

The Land Of Stories follows Alex Bailey, and her twin-brother Conner Bailey, who gets sucked into a book from their dear old grandma, only to arrive in, you guessed it, the land of stories. Throughout the series, you get introduced to the Bailey Family and all of the fairy tale characters, along with their lives after their fairy tales. Some of these characters have formed their kingdoms or lively hoods, and always have a strong backstory. Throughout the series, the bailey twins developed as people, find ways back to their home and mother, and slowly get closer and closer to discovering the mystery of their father, and the rest of their family. Now that you have context, have some opinions!

I think the worldbuilding is wonderful, the lives the characters live, the description of the world around them, and the plot is well designed. The characters are written to be simple and charming while still leaving room for character development, especially between the bailey twins. Of course, every story has to have a twist or two and there were a few that I was genuinely surprised by (I’m not going to spoil it tho). Every frequent character has many moments that will make you chuckle, (spoiler alert) from Little red riding hood, goldilocks, and jack in the beanstalk being involved in a very one-sided and silly love triangle, to a Troll queen holding frequent dances for entertainment, and mother goose not seeming like a very motherly goose.

However, there were a few things that were less impressive than the rest of the books. At one point Alex falls in love with two guys forming another love triangle later on in the story which is very awkward to read especially since she feels one betrays her and the other is the future KING ARTHUR who she promises to wait for him until he fulfills his destiny. Also, if you read books for high moments of tension and fight scenes, this may not be for you. the fight scenes feel more like a list of events than a climactic fight scene, and a lot of the high-tension moments get interrupted by puns and some cringe lore or just some mushy stuff in general.

All In all, I would still recommend this book for world-building alone and some of the dumb jokes that corner makes and I do recommend you try it out! are there any other books you guys want me to check out?