Workin’ Girl

Workin Girl

Cadi Zoeller, Contributor

     As we grow up, we begin to take up new jobs, new responsibilities, and new opportunities. Many upperclassmen took up incredible opportunities to join the workforce with real-world careers such as working in a bank like Senior Catherine Ling. 

     Over the summer, Ling began working at Delta Community Credit Union in order to create experiences many do not have the opportunity to achieve. With her internship, Ling has had to be “open-minded and willing to learn from [her] mistakes,” something all of us should be. 

     Working with older and experienced professionals may seem intimidating, however, Catherine saw it as an opportunity for growth in her “maturity and professionalism.” Work-based learning is an incredible way to enter the workforce in a slow and accepting manner, while still managing to learn and grow from such great opportunities. 

     While not everyone may enjoy working at a bank, work-based learning is so much more than just that. Don’t forget to take risks and venture out of your comfort zone this year.