Dazzling Dancers


Emma McCaugherty, Contributor

     The WHS dance team has been busy getting in shape for their season since the summer, from practices to orange theory workouts. Over the summer they could be found at practice from times like 8 to 5, putting in their best efforts to train and learn new and wonderful dances. They even hosted a kid’s camp in their summer spare time. It seems our girls are shaping up for a magnificent dance year!

     This dance season starts at the first football game of the year as always and they have gotten new sparkly uniforms. I know I’ll be hoping to see them lighting up the field under the spotlights. They will be participating in our homecoming parade come October as well! The dance team will be selling new merch, personally, I’m hoping for some sparkly hoodies to rock. In the meantime, they want to host some team bonding exercises together while bedazzling clothes. 

     In the future, they will be hosting a competition at the school! It will be a huge fundraiser opportunity for our girls on the team. They will continue on practicing, learning new things, and go to more studios for even more intensive practices. These ladies have a busy season ahead of them so wish them luck on their season of dance! Go cats!